• Testimonials

    “I give Brian my highest endorsement for his consulting skills and insights, and especially for his excellent work as an executive coach.” David Peterson, Director of Learning & Development, Google


    “Brian understands today’s leaders, what they need in a value-added development program, and what will (and won’t) produce lasting and sustainable change.” Stew Friedman, The Wharton School; Author of Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life


    “Brian brings the ability to zero in on the relevant, isolate the opportunities for challenging growth, and identify the best paths to your success.” Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer, Barnes & Noble


    “Brian maintains a great balance between focusing on people and results, and I highly recommend him as an effective executive coach.” Chris Middleton, Former Area Vice President, Albertsons


    "Brian has a deep understanding of the psychology of leadership. I have witnessed leaders transform their style and approach, improving both their business results and their personal joy at work."

    Mary Walter, Senior Vice President, Fortune 300 Retailer


    "Brian is fact-driven, insightful, practical, and action-oriented. He consistently found creative ways to translate ideas into the daily work life for me as an executive." Fortune 500 CEO


    “His insights and consulting skills are first-rate, as is his ability to apply what he has mastered as tool sets to make the user experience understandable and memorable.” Bob Giampietro, former SVP of Innovation & Trend, Toys “R” Us


    “Brian combines great common sense business skills with a deep knowledge of what it takes to help leaders become better at their craft.” Paul Cimmerer, Executive Development, SuperValu


    “Brian has been an invaluable resource in performance management and talent development, team building, negotiation and conflict management and organizational change.” Gabriella Calicchio, former CEO, The Walt Disney Family Museum


    “I have never worked with a more dedicated and knowledgeable organizational development professional.” Mark Heydt, Director, Training & Development, The Sports Authority


    “From candid feedback, to materials (which I still use today) to problem-solving situations, I found Brian’s input and recommendations to be incredibly useful.” Mary Pat Ladner, former CMO, American Public Media


    “Unlike some consultants I have worked with, Brian focuses on ensuring the solutions he recommends actually produce the intended results.” Sarah Funk, Vice President, Nebraska Book Company


    “Brian possesses that rare ability to consistently find relevant subject matter but also present it in a way that breaks through to his audience.” Mike Savage, Vice President/GMM, Marsh Supermarkets


    “Brian is phenomenal at tailoring his insights to any situation and providing enlightened, grounded, and sustainable techniques to unlock new potential in individuals as well as teams.” Jeff Miller, former Director, Planning & Analytics Optimization, Target Corporation


    “Brian has an amazing ability to engage people and provide meaningful learning through a mix of experiences and sound and personalized content and advice.” Jean Guezmir, Director of Infrastructure Service Delivery, St. Jude Medical


    “Brian has been a great coach. He understands the leadership challenges and gives great tips to navigate through them.” Arundhati Chakraborty, SVP, Global HP Alliance, MphasiS


    "As a facilitator and speaker, Brian captures attention and motivates participants to try new behaviours." Sara Swenson, Talent Management Manager, Bluestem Brands


    “He brings credibility, enthusiasm, knowledge, precision, and creativity in his work with colleagues and with executive clients.” Arthur M. Freedman, World Institute for Action Learning; Adjunct professor, Corey Business School, Johns Hopkins University


    “Brian is innovative, willing to make tough decisions and have crucial conversations and shows appreciation and respect for diverse points of view.” Mary Amundson, Director, HR Analytics, Land O’Lakes


    “I encourage anyone who is looking at improving their leadership within their organization, as well as those in leadership roles that want to invest in themselves, to consider Brian at the top of their list!“ Steven Stephan, President, REV Solutions, Inc.


    “His energy and enthusiasm, his business acumen, and – most importantly – his insights into creative ways psychological principles can be leveraged to add demonstrable economic value to our clients made this a successful and productive project.” Steve Kincaid, Principal, ghSmart


    “Not only did he get excellent evaluations but Brian’s students also found him personable, interesting and ‘hands-on’.” Svjetlana Madzar, Professor, Carlson School of Management


    “The environment Brian creates as a facilitator always inspired me to achieve a level of self-awareness and introspection that propelled my growth as a leader.” Shelley Rounds, Entrepreneur


    “Brian is one of the most intuitive and masterful coaches I have ever worked with. He is a compassionate listener and is genuinely concerned in helping you move forward. Additionally, he is a dynamic speaker and facilitator and not only dazzles the group with his keen wit, but his brilliance.” Robbin Walker, Walker Consulting Group


    “Brian’s expertise with developing client and employee relationships has proved invaluable. From my perspective, it is essential to our business, where the quality of the relationship we have with our team is as important as the quality of the development we provide them. Brian has the demonstrated ability to train, coach and develop these principles. He is a talented professional.” Ted Hogan, Hogan & Partners Executive Recruiting


    “Brian’s high energy, care for the client, and creative skills set him apart from most. He has deep experience working with organizations, teams and their leaders.” John Fennig, Managing Partner, DRI Consulting LLC